Tuesday, August 2, 2011

10 Endangered Treasures to see before they say goodbye

With the ongoing alteration of our ecosystem, one thing or another will be lost from our eyesight. I am talking about the wonders in this world that are continually destroyed either humane act or nature. Please join me in our journey to see the top 10 on the list and I warn you to see it closely before this wonders vanish till the end. 

1. Glacier National Park- Montana, US

Booking.com - please be wary!

When it comes to booking, several online engines arise from within. But before confirming your booking you need to have some checklist to avoid misunderstanding.

Nowadays, booking.com is very popular. I'm not saying only this but several (expedia, travelocity, orbitz) and many others. And if you compare the prices then you will say that booking.com has really the best rate on the net today.

So let's take a closer look for one upcoming booking to Dubai. I tested booking.com and I have my own checklist which I'll reveal later.

Nursing Board Exam: July 2011- The real challenge

Philippines—The July 2011 Nursing Board Exam held July 2 and 3, is still heating up the heads of all Filipino nurses. Obviously, most of them are armored with gained knowledge from the review to battle the 2 day exam series. But reality really bites, as they cannot take off the employment issues after they took the exam. The real challenge is how to drive your way to land a job.

I freshly remembered when I was in CDO (Cagayan De Oro) City for my board exam. Come listen to my story. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Travel Destinations: 2011

Get ready this Fall...

For all travelers around the globe, these places are the recommended ones for you. Can be your vacation, honeymoon, family trip, or just a solemn time away from home.  

A Magnitude 5.1 Earthquake hits North Sumatra, Indonesia

An earhquake hit Northern Sumatra in Indonesia. It struck the region at 79 kms NE of North Sumatra's Tanamahsa Island, at a depth of 81.5km on Monday morning at 07:00 hrs, August 1 2011 posing a tsunami threat. There were no immediate casualties, injuries or damages. 

With the given threat, all tour activities within Sumatra and other parts of Indonesia are operating as normal.

30 days or 31 days? - A Fist of Fury

Have you ever wondered why number of days in a month fluctuates? Could either be 30,31 or even 28 (for February only). Then if you want to have an idea to simply have a cheat sheet to remember to exactly how many days in each month then you have found the best answer because seconds from now, I am going to reveal.

I am not in the position to explain the why's for now as if the first sentence of this article was saying. I will left it as your assignment. Now let us take a look at the photo below.

It's not a bird, neither a plane, but a fist. Yes, a bare fist. How would we connect this fist to remembering the exact number of days in each month? Then let's follow.

Working Abroad- Do not become another VICTIM!

You might have come here as a stranger, accidentally clicked your mouse somewhere, or you were surprised because this page exist. But I will give you an exciting point to ponder whenever starting a new job offer. Because of the global recession most of us are hoping for better jobs that suits our financial needs. If you have planned to apply a new job, or if you are a fresh graduate and is planning to work as soon as you can then I commend you for doing such. Planning is 50% of your goal to be accomplished. So, 50% of the work is done, and the other 50? The rest will always depend on how you do your angle.

Here are 5 points that you need to consider whenever you are offered a job ABROAD.